One Love Foundation Rally - December 13th, 2020

To kick-off the launch of RENNDVOUS, we organized a rally from Urbana, MD to Thurmont, MD, traveling dozens of miles through Maryland's most scenic mountain roads. In true QuattroCruise spirit, we organized to give back to the One Love Foundation, which is on a mission to educate young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships and empower them to avoid abuse and learn how to love better. We anticipated 100 cars to be joining us, and were astounded when we realized there were nearly 400 vehicles and 500 people in attendance. 
The rally consisted of vehicles of all types, including dozens of European luxury sedans, supercars, and even an almighty Porsche GT2RS. Not only did Savage Garage bring n fleet of nearly half-a-dozen vehicles , but the Dobre Brothers stopped by as well. The rally went extremely well, other than overwhelming Thurmont towards the end of the rally. After discussing with Thurmont police, there were almost 30 emergency 911 calls placed within an hour, and we had overwhelmed the town. The local police were not too friendly initially, arguing over the legality of the rally, although eventually they understood and shut down the entire highway for people to slowly disperse. Luckily, Jimbo from Savage Garage was in attendance to capture the entire incident.