Where the Idea Came From

Our local Cars & Coffee is filled with hundreds of cars every weekend, dozens of which spark our curiosity. Differentiating a Ferrari from a Mustang is often simple, but understanding what might make a Civic faster, lower, or quicker than a Lamborghini is often a puzzle.

An automotive project, whether stock or highly modified, always hides details that only the owner can explain. Much like a tattoo, there is often more meaning than meets the eye. More complex still, finding the owner to ask them about their build is nearly impossible.

We realized the solution is a spec sheet, but not a large poster or display, as they often are ruined by weather, forgotten at home, & nearly impossible to edit without a reprint. We've adapted this idea for the 21st century, offering a digital build-sheet, as it can be easily edited, modified, and revised, much like the vehicles they're representing. Not only do we believe every vehicle should have the ability to be shown to the world, but the passionate owner as well.

What is the RENNtap?

If you find a vehicle at your local carmeet and wanted to learn more about it but cannot locate the owner, you're likely out of luck. We've made learning much easier, only requiring a simple tap to gather all of the vehicle’s information. 

The RENNtap itself is a 35mm circular decal that can be applied to almost any surface, although recommended not on paint. Tapping this decal allows anyone with a smartphone to learn the story behind a build, the modifications added, and the social media handles of the owner. 

We designed the RENNtap not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but to be simple. No app is required. No power source is required. Learning everything about a vehicle and the owner behind it is simply a tap away.

Why we use NFC Technology & not QR codes

Automotive enthusiasts often design their vehicles around either performance or aesthetic, and we've done the same with the RENNtap. We've chosen to use NFC Technology (Near-field communication) as it's the latest and greatest in both performance and aesthetic in communicative technology.

Performance: Wheras a QR code must be read by a camera, NFC requires only proximity. If the user is in a low-light situation, such as a night car-meet, a QR code would be nearly impossible to read whereas NFC still requires the same simple tap night or day.

Aesthetic: NFC eliminates the need for an ugly visual grid, such as the one used by QR codes. We primarily choose to use NFC because ultimately, it is much more visually appealing and practical than a QR code.

What does registering do for me?

What doesn’t it do? RENNDVOUS provides you a home to list all of your modifications, pictures, social media handles, and the story behind your build. We offer one of the fastest registrations and require the least information of any similar platform. We have thousands of users viewing your build, following you on social media, and making friendships based in the automotive culture. Oh, and we’re free.

Why free?

Why not? FREE to upload your vehicle, FREE to post images, FREE to tell your story, and FREE to add your social media handles. We offer the RENNtap system to complete the RENNDVOUS experience, but you’re welcome to use our website without a purchase, although we do highly recommend the RENNtap. 

Where are we located?

Baltimore, Maryland