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RENNtap Rally

Regular price $10.00 USD
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Show off your build, with RENNtap! Add this 35mm decal to your build to allow fans to hold their smartphone nearby to learn everything about your build! It has never been easier to share what makes your build truly unique!

What do I put for Link to Vehicle?

Insert your vehicle URL, which is the direct link to your car. For example,

Do I need an app to scan RENNtap?

No app required! View the list of Compatible Devices here.

Does my car need to be uploaded before ordering?

Yes! We ship RENNtap pre-linked to your vehicle, so the vehicle must be uploaded.

Can I edit my build after ordering?

Yes! You can always modify your build and RENNtap will stay linked! We know "car people" never can stop modifying, which is why we have allowed RENNtap to evolve as your build does.

Any more questions?

Email us!