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What is RENNscan?

Show off your vehicle with RENNscan! Attach the decal to your vehicle and let fans use their smartphone to learn everything about it. Easily share its unique features!

How does RENNscan work?

RENNscan is the ultimate game-changer for automotive enthusiasts! Unleash your passion with a variety of features, effortlessly exploring any vehicle's modifications and unique story, and connect with its social media presence. Gain quick entry to exclusive events using RENNscan as your pass and earn points at local meets for an unmatched fan experience. Fuel your automotive obsession like never before with RENNscan!

Can I modify my build after ordering RENNscan?

Vehicle info can be updated & automatically sync with RENNscan in real time.

Interior vs. Exterior?

RENNscan comes in exterior or interior styles.

Exterior Placement: Enhance your visibility with our recommended product placement! Designed to provide the best visibility, especially over tinted windows, our exterior placement option ensures you can see clearly while enjoying the benefits of tinted glass.

Interior Placement: Upgrade your vehicle's interior with our recommended product placement! Specifically designed for vehicles without dark tint, our interior placement option ensures optimal visibility without compromising on style. Enjoy a clear view while maintaining a sleek and unobstructed look.

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